Text with Gesso font is not properly displayed




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An example to demonstrate the issue

Build ID: 20130104151925

1. Launch Firefox 18 RC.
2. Download the Gesso font from http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Gesso.
3. After installation, set it as the default font (In the Tools Menu select Options -> Content tab - for Fonts and Colors hit the Advanced button -> uncheck the box "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selection above' -> click on the Ok button and dismiss the Options dialog.).
4. Navigate to www.google.com, type something in the search bar (eg. Firebug) and press Enter.

Expected results:
The font displayed is the newly installed one and no rendering issues appeared.

Actual results:
The font is not displayed properly in the search bar.

The issue is reproducible on the latest Nightly, Aurora, Beta and Firefox 17 released. It is also reproducible on Firefox 4.0, so it's not a regression.


6 years ago
Summary: The fonts are not properly displayed → Text with Gesso font is not properly displayed
I suspect this is due to strange line-spacing metrics in the font.

From the <hhea> table:
    <ascent value="1136"/>
    <descent value="-140"/>
    <lineGap value="1080"/>  <-- looks very questionable

Comparing the <OS/2> table:
    <sTypoAscender value="862"/>
    <sTypoDescender value="-140"/>
    <sTypoLineGap value="205"/>
    <usWinAscent value="1136"/>
    <usWinDescent value="140"/>

Does it behave the same across all platforms, or do we handle the metrics differently on Windows (with/without accel), Mac, Linux?

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6 years ago
I have reproduced this issue on MAC OS 10.8 and got 2 minor problems at installation: 'name' table structure and 'kern' table structure and contents. 
On Ubuntu 12.10 (32 bit) the font works just fine, no issues with rendering.
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