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As of bug 822477, we can import contacts from a SIM that can't hit the network (due to being old, unregistered, etc...). However, if a SIM /can/ hit the network but it's subscription is invalid, we get backed a networkLocked state and can't import contacts.
Duplicate of this bug: 827742
As I said in dupe : we're thinking that we should be able to import SIM contacts even in "networkLocked" mode (as long as we have the PIN code for this SIM of course), and that this limitation is purely arbitrary.
I just checked out FTU does this:

var req = conn.getCardLock('pin');
req.onsuccess = function spl_checkSuccess() { ...

So they just try to pull the pin property from the card, and if that fails, they assume there's no SIM, otherwise they go ahead with import. I actually like this solution better. However, if we don't want contacts pulled during networkLocked, this will need to be changed.
Right, we're not consistent now.

Also, with this method we might encounter bug 826709 as well. It might come from of a faulty hardware though.
I've been testing on unagi so far, with working cards, unsub'd cards, and no card, haven't seen any cases of bug 826709 yet. Unfortunately forgot my otoro at home.
Tested today using other platform device, the menu for importing SIM contacts was there but it was not working. I do not know if it is the SIM card which regets the import or the device itself. When the device is on lockednetwork status none of the services related to the SIM card should be available, so import contacts should not work.
I hope it helps.
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