[b2g] [Everything.me] Able to create Everything.me apps on the Homescreen with NO titles.



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Steps to reproduce:

1. Launch Unagi build 20130104070203 Version 18.0
2. Navigate to Everything.me
3. Choose any app category such as News.
4. Tap to open any news app such as CNN.
5. Tap on the STAR icon in the collapsible tool widget at the bottom of the page. (Has an orange arrow on the widget.)
6. At the Add to Home Screen page, Tap on the name of the site. (In this case CNN).
7. Tap on the Website Name field to bring up the keyboard and text cursor.
8. Delete all text in this field so that the Website Name is now blank and tap the Return button to save this field.
9. Navigate to the Home screen and locate this new app.
10. You now have an app with no name which is now non descriptive unlike any of the other apps.
11. You can now make infinite Nameless CNN app icons on the Home screen by repeating these steps.

Actual results:

Able to create nameless apps and duplicate these same nameless apps as much as you want.

Expected results:

User should be forced to give a name to any app they try to add to the Home Screen from Everything.me.

User should not be able to create multiple of the same apps through Everything.me.

Comment 1

5 years ago
Disregard the part about creating multiple version of the same app. I forgot I changed the address for this app so it did not point to CNN so that's why it created the other CNN icon. It's a broken app that goes nowhere. I just deleted both the name and only left http: in the address field.
Well, I guess that this is a problem in the bookmarks form and not in ev.me part. 

IMHO two different cases for empty app name's field:

1) We should take the original app name (easier)
2) Message to user: hey, please fill the app name :) (check the value and show an alert, more complex and l10n)
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What's the problem with letting users add an icon with no name if they want to? Does it break anything?
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In my opinion there is not a problem for sure :)
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