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Force-closing app won't kill subprocess if main thread is wedged


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We found this out in two bugs this week.  The current code does

  if (!mIsDestroyed) {

to close the IPC channel.  We need to add an additional timer here to KillHard() the subprocess if it doesn't respond in time.

We've been relying on this to r- things like slow-script timeout, so this needs to block.  Taking.
Sorry jlebar, don't know why I typed your handle right after I said "Taking".
Assignee: justin.lebar+bug → jones.chris.g
There are some intricacies in this approach around shutting down processes with opened-window tabs.  We can chat tomorrow to see what's feasible (I don't understand that code very well).
Sorry for making you wait all day on this one; I'm not great at the constant
context-switching of these work-weeks.

> void
>+ContentParent::NotifyTabDestroying(PBrowserParent* aTab)
>+    // There can be more than one PBrowser for a given app process
>+    // because of popup windows.  When the last one starts closing,
>+    // kick off another task to ensure the child process *really*
>+    // shuts down.
>+    if (ManagedPBrowserParent().Length() > 1) {
>+        return;
>+    }
>+    MOZ_ASSERT(!mForceKillTask);
>+    int32_t timeoutSecs =
>+        Preferences::GetInt("dom.ipc.tabs.shutdownTimeoutSecs", 5);
>+    if (timeoutSecs > 0) {
>+        MessageLoop::current()->PostDelayedTask(
>+            FROM_HERE,
>+            mForceKillTask = NewRunnableMethod(this, &ContentParent::KillHard),
>+            timeoutSecs * 1000);
>+    }

Does the ContentParent always shut down once its last TabParent is destroyed?
There's no way we might resurrect a ContentParent by creating a new PBrowser
inside it?

This looks good to me aside from that concern.  What's the concern you alluded
to in comment 4?  (I can come over to talk if you'd like.)
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This guards against wedged child windows too.  timdream confirmed that gaia removes all these from the DOM on force-close.
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Set a timer to ensure content processes are killed if their tabs take a long time to shut down, v1.1

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Unsurprisingly, it didn't fail on the platform I tested :/.  I think I know what's wrong though.
Attached patch v2Splinter Review
 - mark ContentParent dead when we start killing it (again)
 - don't fall over on cancelled popups
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(rs=jlebar on IRC)
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