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Make emulator tests specify emulator version in tree


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Currently, the version of the emulator used in emulator tests is specified in the mozharness config for those tests.  When we change this, it can cause tests to go orange (e.g., bug 828633) without leaving an obvious reason to sheriffs and others who are watching the tree.

Instead, we should store the version of the emulator to use in a file in tree (ala talos.json) and use that instead of a mozharness config variable.  This way, we'll need to land a patch per tree to update the emulator, and the cause of any breakage should be more discernible.
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We can check in this manifest directly:
(the contents between the """'s)

Then we can grab that file from hgweb and point tooltool at it in EmulatorMixin.install_emulator().
Thank you for filing this :-D
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This might work; I'll try it out on ash.
This successfully worked on ash:; running a rull re-trigger now.
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Install emulator from in-tree manifest,

Hm. Do we really need create_tooltool_manifest() here?
It's basically taking text and creating a plaintext .tt file.

In essence we're downloading a file to 'emulator.manifest', reading it, then writing the contents to ''.  I think it might be easiest to just download the file to ''.

r=me with that change.
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Landed the manifest:

This will need to be landed on every tree that runs emulator tests before the mozharness changes.
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I'll let this propagate normally into m-c, fx-team, and services-central before landing the mozharness change.
Updated per review comments; ash run was green.
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Install emulator from in-tree manifest,

Carry r+ forward.
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The gecko change has made its way into both fx-team and services-central, so I've landed the mozharness change:
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