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'Firefox Sync - Pair a Device' GUI do nothing when clicking on 'NEXT'



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Firefox Sync: UI
5 years ago
9 months ago


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5 years ago
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Build ID: 20130108105806

Steps to reproduce:

Case 1.
menu > tools > Set Up Sync ... > I have an account > Sync Options > select "Replace all data in this device with my Sync data" > click on "Done" button

Case 2.
menu > tools > Set Up Sync ... > I have an account > I don't have the device with me > compile correctly forum entries ("Next" button witch on) > click on "Next" button

I'm on GNU/Linux (3.6.11-1-ARCH x86_64)

Actual results:

In both cases, the button animates as being pressed, but happens nothing. Instead of going ahead to the next page, it just happens nothing.

Expected results:

The Set Up wizard should have vizualized the next page.
Component: Untriaged → Firefox Sync: UI
Product: Firefox → Mozilla Services
Version: 18 Branch → unspecified

Comment 1

4 years ago
Firefox Version: Aurora 26.0a2 (2013-10-01)
Operating System: Windows 8.1 (Build 9600)

I am also having a similar issue with the Sync Setup GUI with Firefox Aurora 26 on Windows 8.

Steps to reproduce:

Menu > Tools > Setup Up Sync > I have an account

Actual Result:

The button appears to be pressed but the setup does not proceed to the next step as it should.

Expected Result:

The setup should proceed to the next step and allow me to enter the username and password for my sync account.

Note: I realize the original description is a bug report for a different release version of Firefox, however I believe the issues may be related and helpful in diagnosing this bug.
The pairing flow that this is relevant for is no longer in use.
Last Resolved: 9 months ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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