ditch the unique name requirement for apps

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"I see no reason for app names to be unique.  Unless there is some technical reason I am missing.  I do see issues with potential Trademark violations, but that isn't particular to unique names, and app reviewers, abuse reports, take downs are our means to control this." --dbialer
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On the other hand, I don't see a reason why having duplicate names would be an advantage for the user.  Wouldn't it just make it more difficult to find an app someone has told you about/you used before and want to install again?

Do any other app stores allow apps with identical names?

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I feel like this is a bad idea. I share Andrew's concerns here.
There doesn't seem to be a standard practice on unique names.

Google allows non-unique names.  Search for flashlight in either store and you will get many (in this case dozens of) apps with the exact same title as "Flashlight" and many more that are slight variations (but unique).  Only package names are unique.

Apple you must have a unique name for apps.  They had problems with 'name squatters' and had to adopt new policies.  You can reserve a name but must go to production with 120 days (or you lose the name).  Others can check the availability of the name and wait for it.  That said, there are dozens of applications called things like "Flashlight.", "Flashlight!", "Flashlight(R)", "Flashlight !", etc. 

Microsoft also requires unique names so 

There is also a problem of developers bringing a well known app over from another store and someone grabs their name.  Who has the right to that name?

I still see no problem and think it is in the interest of both developers to choose the name they want, even if someone else has 'reserved it', and users to be able to choose the best Flashlight by user reviews, ratings, etc.   

I don't see how it is bad for end users.
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