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Channel name fades to block of selection colour after vertical mouse movement


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This is bizarre. Filing under Chatzilla for now, but may be a platform bug, or even an Ubuntu/Unity bug. Hoping Chatzilla devs will have a handle on what styles/js event handlers are being applied here, and can quickly confirm/rule out something on their end.

Initially noticed this using Ubuntu's distro Fx18, Chatzilla 0.9.89. Also present in a opt build from source from with a clean profile, no other addons installed (which in particular rules out excluding the Ubuntu Firefox modifications addon the distro builds ship with). Never noticed this in 17.

1) Select a server/channel tab that has tabs either side of it, so channel name appears selected
2) Move mouse horizontally, so it is above another tab
3) Repeatedly move mouse up and down

Expected results:
No change in UI

Selected tab gradually changes to a solid block of the selection colour

See attached screencast for a demo.
Please go to Edit -> Preferences and try to reproduce the issue with the tabs at the top of the "Advanced" preferences pane. Reply telling whether you have the issue in it. Thanks.
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