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Running, at least on Linux64, returns varying results for Communication/XMLHttpRequest Level 2 after page refreshs. Don't know what causes it, but other browsers' results are stable and even Firefox's results are stable on some or other platforms.

The Communication results vary from 29 to 35, so Firefox 21.0a1 ends with a final score between 393 and 399 as of January 10.
Not only Linux, this is happening on Windows 7 64-bit SP1 as well, not only that sometime result vary for Chromium as well on my PC. So it is something to do with html5test site.
We have to confirm this whether Firefox Stable (18) also doing this sort of thing or not.
Also on Firefox 18.0 scores vary, though not as much it seems. I got either 33 or 35 on Communication, doing several page refreshs.
Then I can say this is more probably site bug rather than FF side bug.
(In reply to Zlip792 from comment #3)
> Then I can say this is more probably site bug rather than FF side bug.

That's what I first thought too and I also contacted the author, but no solution yet. However, I'm wondering why other browsers' scores are stable, so it appears to be something in Firefox that's handling this specific test differently.

I also tweeted the link of this bug to the author of, so maybe we get some feedback from him.
For sure, lets see, although I got it with Chromium as well but it is not reproducible in Chromium reliably so getting feedback from test author and from FF dev will be better.
There is now a fix on's side, see:
Unless there is more behind it, I think it's fine to close this request. It's fixed on's side, and delivers consistent results for Firefox again.
sounds good
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