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Some jit-tests are slow although not marked as such


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I made a measurement for jit-tests (in serial mode) to find out which tests take most of the time. Here is the top 10:

tests/jaeger/recompile/bug661859.js --no-ion -d    0:02:29.624807
tests/gc/bug-820186.js --no-ion -a    0:01:15.429890
tests/parallelarray/constructor-5.js --no-jm        0:00:14.701968
tests/parallelarray/constructor-5.js --ion-eager    0:00:14.674378
tests/parallelarray/constructor-5.js --no-ion -a    0:00:14.663637
tests/parallelarray/constructor-5.js --no-ion -d    0:00:14.650810
tests/parallelarray/constructor-5.js --no-ion       0:00:14.612183
tests/parallelarray/constructor-5.js --no-ion -a -d 0:00:14.500815
tests/basic/bug642772-3.js --no-jm        0:00:14.449220
tests/jaeger/bug553784.js --no-ion -a -d 0:00:10.515221

While I think that tests taking 10 or 14 seconds are still acceptable (although you might say they're slow anyway), I think that tests taking over a minute, or even 2 minutes, are definitely slow.

This was done on Linux with a 64 bit debug build. I guess there is no way to skip only certain flag combinations in --no-slow mode. I suggest either implementing that, or marking them as slow in general.
I forgot that we don't do builds anymore without opt and this was a pure debug build (--disable-optimize). Ill repeat the measurement for debug+opt to see if there's anything slow left.
So the first test in comment 0 seems to have serious differences between debug and debug+opt (practically instant with optimizations):

tests/jaeger/recompile/bug661859.js --no-ion -d    0:00:00.365574

whereas the second is still relatively slow:

tests/gc/bug-820186.js --no-ion -a    0:00:14.487999

The rest is below 10 seconds.
> whereas the second is still relatively slow:
> tests/gc/bug-820186.js --no-ion -a    0:00:14.487999

The testcase for bug 820186 was added by Jon Coppeard.
gc/bug-820186.js is indeed very slow, especially with --ion-eager. According to |time|, running it with a debug build with --ion-eager can take more than 4 minutes, and it often timeouts for me.

(TBPL runs tests with --ion-eager too.)
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