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Lightning breaks mail toolbar delete button icon


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I see this only under Linux in Customize window. This patch is only the minimal change to fix the issue. Maybe we should think about a id change to be safe and no more affecting TB or SM. Maybe a id like button-delete-event (I know the button also deletes tasks) could be better.
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I'm fine with an id change, I'd suggest button-delete-item or maybe button-delete-calitem. r+ for this patch too though.
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This patch changes the button ID. I've also added a migration code but it isn't working. Philipp, please can you check what's wrong? Best would be if it checks if button-delete is in the toolbar and only then exchanges the IDs.
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New ID

The code will not work since calendar-chrome-startup is loaded on the main window, not the event dialog. We would have to add extra code to the event dialog to migrate.

I missed the fact that this means migration code. Do you really think its worth it?
With the first patch we should also be safe. Please can you land it, I'm at work? should this also go to aurora/beta to stop breaking SM?
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Are the other selectors in the modified file OK? Should e.g. '#button-delete[disabled="true"]:hover' NOT take the .cal-event-toolbarbutton class?
As I wrote in comment 1, this affected only the icon in customize window, and where is no disabled state and so no need to change this.
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