[B2G][Settings][Bluetooth]No pairing confirmation window shows up after successfully pairing and connecting Unagi to a bluetooth device



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6 years ago
Description: No pairing confirmation window shows up after successfully pairing and connecting Unagi to a bluetooth device
Suite Name: Bluetooth
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1) Update to Unagi build 201301120702022.
2) Enable Bluetooth.
3) Pair Unagi to a bluetooth device, a bluetooth headset for example.

A pop up pairing confirmation window to appear on Unagi after successfully pairing and connecting to the bluetooth device (Based on bug 809616)

No confirmation pop is observed. User though does see the bluetooth symbol on the status bar at the top of the Unagi screen. User also sees the bluetooth device listed as "connected" within the Unagi bluetooth settings.

Repro frequency:
(2/2, with 1 Unagi and 2 different bluetooth devices (RF-QX4 and Jabra SP200)

This bug is dependent on bug 809616
For Secure Simple Pairing (SSP), the pairing confirmation window will be shown only when two devices have displays and at least one can accept a binary Yes/No user input.

In this case, I assume that the Bluetooth headset you're using doesn't have a display, and that's why no pairing confirmation window is shown. I have three Bluetooth headsets, and the pairing confirmation window isn't shown during pairing process for all of them.

Can you try your Bluetooth headset with other devices?
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This depends on IO capability setting of bluetooth headsets. It shall go "Just work". I think it is quite correct behavior.

Comment 3

6 years ago
Comment 1 is indeed proper functionality, thus going to invalidate this bug.

I paired both the Jabra SP200 and the RF-QX4 to my Android Motorola phone and no confirmation window appeared. I also paired Unagi to my Android Motorola phone and since both those devices had a display, there was a confirmation window showing up.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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5 years ago
QA Contact: ckreinbring
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