plugin-container crashes after channel error




Canvas: WebGL
5 years ago
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5 years ago
Tested in unagi with Gecko-1e1821a Gaia-9d4983b.

1-Launch browser
2-Go to url

Expected result --> Load url that uses WebGl 

Actual result --> Well, this is embarrassing. :( We tried to display this Web page, but it's not responding

Logcat shows:

I/Gecko   (  109): ###!!! [Parent][AsyncChannel] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv
Looks like a webgl crash.
Reproduced on Otoro. It's a SIGKILL, so it's likely to be another OOM. (The WebGL scene looks quite heavy by the time it crashes).
Also, in logcat just before the send/recv failure, there is a GonkMemoryPressure:

I/GonkMemoryPressure(  105): Dispatching low-memory memory-pressure event
I/GonkMemoryPressure(  513): Dispatching low-memory memory-pressure event
D/memalloc(  105): /dev/pmem: Freeing buffer base:0x4a786000 size:245760 offset:1228800 fd:119
D/memalloc(  105): /dev/pmem: Freeing buffer base:0x4a8fe000 size:491520 offset:2768896 fd:160
D/memalloc(  105): /dev/pmem: Freeing buffer base:0x4a7c2000 size:245760 offset:1474560 fd:148
D/memalloc(  105): /dev/pmem: Freeing buffer base:0x4a7fe000 size:1048576 offset:1720320 fd:152
D/memalloc(  105): /dev/pmem: Freeing buffer base:0x4a976000 size:491520 offset:3260416 fd:166
I/Gecko   (  105): 
I/Gecko   (  105): ###!!! [Parent][AsyncChannel] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv
The OOM always occurs after exactly 1485 WebGL calls here, so it's certainly related to WebGL. However, I am having a really hard time getting an about:memory dump for this one (basically, I'm OOM'ing before or during about:memory dumping). Since bug 820217 looks very similar and has an about:memory dump and a lot of investigation already, I'll keep working on that one.
Depends on: 820217
Component: Gaia::Browser → Canvas: WebGL
Product: Boot2Gecko → Core
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