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We're currently using elasticutils 0.5. Because of that, we've got a ton of scaffolding code.

We should update to elasticutils master tip (which will very soon become 0.6) which allows us to use DjangoMappingType and Indexable and ditch a bunch of code we have.

It should probably be done in two passes:

1. update to elasticutils 0.6

   This should be straightforward and probably a 1 point bug.

2. redo the index code to use DjangoMappingType and Indexable

   This is more complicated. We might want to un-unify the doctypes--something I
   did a while back to get us to unified search, but it's kind of clumsy. ES allows
   us to search multiple document types at the same time--we should take advantage
   of this.

   It's also possible that elasticutils on top of pyes makes this difficult. I'm
   almost done porting elasticutils over to use pyelasticsearch which I'm pretty
   sure will work fine for searching multiple doctypes.
This bug should probably be a tracker. But we can switch it when we spin off bugs.

Also, Ricky pointed out that we do queries and also get back facets. We need to make sure that continues to work in any future architecture.
Step 3 should be:

3. update to pyelasticsearch-based elasticutils

   The API is cleaner and that's the future of elasticutils.

   It'll require a settings_local.py change to all the servers.
Target Milestone: --- → 2013Q1
I did the first pass yesterday: kitsune is now using elasticutils 0.6. It was pretty straight-forward.


Step 2: Re-do the index code to use DjangoMappingType and Indexable

Step 3: Update to elasticutils master tip which uses pyelasticsearch
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I'm working on this now.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
PR in https://github.com/mozilla/kitsune/pull/1231

Also, this slims down test times, so it's related to bug #848865.
Landed in master in https://github.com/mozilla/kitsune/commit/9a2c323

I deployed it to stage, but all three of our environments need ES_URLS set in settings_local. Making this block on that bug.
Depends on: 855806
ES_URLS was set on all the servers and I deployed it to production yesterday afternoon.

Everything looks good!
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Putting into the sprint it was fixed in.
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