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This bug is for the translation of the updated "Firefox Flicks" site for 2013.

The Firefox Flicks site is a video contest targetting talented filmmakers wishing to create fun videos about Mozilla and Firefox. This is the third iteration of this contest, the first contest was in 2006, the second contest was in 2012 and this year contest will focus on Mobile and Firefox OS promotion.

Here is the url on the development server:

We are at stage one in which we announce the contest and make a call for participation to this contest.

The translation format for this project is .po files that you are on svn but also available through the Verbatim Web translation tool:


This is a 5750 words site but if you did the project last year, 3750 are reused, which means a translation of about 2000 words. Some of the strings similar to strings last year are also marked as fuzzy.

Please also note that there is one special string that is actually a set of about 20 strings that will nor be used in the site but will be inserted into a downloadable PDF for the Creative brief, this brief is actually a presentation with just a few words on each slide. In this special string, each slide change is indicated by an html line break (<br>) and if the same sentence is meant to be split in two slides, there will be an ellipsis indicating it, ex:

With Firefox OS, we're making smartphones more accessible...<br> ...while empowering more users in more ways.

This way we will be able to provide a localized Creative Brief and not just one in English.

if you can, please prioritize the translation of the brief over the other strings, this way our engagement team will be able to create the pdf's for your language while you are translating the rest of the site. We will of course provide you the pdfs so as that you can give feedback.

We are targetting a launch of the site with the announcement for January 22, there will also be further updates later this year to put the competing videos online and announce who the winners are.



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No longer depends on: 831311

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5 years ago
The link to the po file is actually:

(pt_BR and not pt-BR)

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5 years ago
CCing more Brazilian community members to this bug. Guys, could you tell us if you can help with this project? Thanks!

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5 years ago
Hi Pascal, I'm working on it.

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5 years ago
Awesome, you Rock Fabio :)

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5 years ago
I'm translating on Verbatim, ok?

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5 years ago
yes, Verbatim is fine :)
<FabioMagnoni>	 reuben: for Firefox Flicks l10n, we need to figure out, what is the best translation for Early Entry Awards [23:31:06]
<FabioMagnoni>	 do you have any suggestion? [23:31:24]

What is the context? Are we required to use "award" in that phrase or can we somehow include "Awards:" in a header or something like that and then only the award name/type?

A few options: "Prêmio para pioneiros", "Pioneiros" (in case we have the option mentioned above), "Primeiros concorrentes".

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5 years ago
Early Entry Awards appears in a lot of times in a lot of contexts, and maybe it change a bit the translation, that's why I asked to have the same string all the time. And give this note to everyone that will help the l10n later
https://localize.mozilla.org/pt_BR/firefoxflicks/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po/translate/?unit=1368075 has an error causing https://firefoxflicks-dev.allizom.org/pt-BR/ to not work. There's an extra space between the % and (, please remove it.

Thanks! :)

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5 years ago

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5 years ago
I approved Fabio's fix as well as another of his suggestions for a string that was left in English.

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5 years ago
R1 went live yesterday
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Luca Toledo reported that there are some english strings in the website, is this the bug to reopen?


5 years ago
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working on it
done on r115379

Pascal, can you push it to production? ;-)
(In reply to Fernando Pereira Silveira from comment #15)
> done on r115379
> https://firefoxflicks.allizom.org/pt-BR/
> Pascal, can you push it to production? ;-)

There's going to be a prod push on Wednesday that should pick up the changes.

However, there will also be some new strings added in the next few days (this is why we haven't sent out an email about the new strings yet, we're not done adding them). Once we've got those in either Milos or someone from the dev team will send an email out about the new strings.
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great ;-)

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5 years ago
Triaging, this is resolved.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago5 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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