Persist the user's language selection in the DB

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I think it would be nice to send localized emails to the users. Especially a receipt for payment of an app. To localize the receipt, I would need to know the users language preference. We currently have location on the user object, but not language. Could we persist the language as set on the user settings page?

Reviewer tools and other places could benefit from this too.


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Should this be prepopulated with the highest-weighted value of Accept-Language on the first visit with an empty value? (Perhaps through a piece of middleware, though I'm not sure how that would impact caching strategies.) Seems like a sane way to be immediately useful without the user needing to take explicit action.

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6 years ago
Saving it for a user on visit without having them to do anything should be fine, we'll only save it if its different. We set the locale for each request here:

That's the value we'd like to persist. Saving it from the settings page when its explicitly set would be good as well.
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Should we also persist the user's region?
(In reply to Chris Van Wiemeersch [:cvan] from comment #3)
> Should we also persist the user's region?

I thought that was already persisted by their choice.  Is that a cookie? If so, yeah, I think home region should be a part of the profile as well.
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Summary: Persist the users language selection in the DB → Persist the user's language selection in the DB
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