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Android App Not Responding (ANR) Reporting


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Initial Questions:

Project/Feature Name: Android App Not Responding (ANR) Reporting
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App Not Responding (ANR) dialogs present a bad user experience for Fennec users, and they can be caused by a variety of bugs. In order to determine and fix the causes of ANRs, we need telemetric data about the origin of the ANRs.

The reporting process involves sending thread stacks and logs through telemetry when ANRs happen. This is the Fennec equivalent of the "chrome hang" telemetry already present on desktop Firefox Nightlies.

There will be a client side and a server side. The client side will gather the stacks and logs and use existing telemetry system to report. The server side will process the newly added telemetry fields and save the data for further analysis.

Security-wise, there should not be too much concern, because we reuse much of the existing telemetry code for reporting. The data-gathering part of the client side may need additional review for security.

Privacy-wise, ANR reporting is part of telemetry, and the user already has control over enabling telemetry. However, the prompt given to the user may need to change, or the user may need to be prompted separately because the stacks and logs contain more sensitive information than regular telemetry data.

Additional Information:

Urgency: a week
Key Initiative: Firefox Mobile
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Project Status: development
Mozilla Data: Yes
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Separate Party: No
Depends on: 833991
Depends on: 833995
Depends on: 826053
Tom can you take a look at this and let me know if we need a technical review?
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disregard previous comment please
Depends on: 834086
Group: mozilla-corporation-confidential
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...sounds like you don't need info from me right now after all.
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Depends on: 845416
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This bug is about Android yet it blocks bug 833574 which is for boot to gecko. What is it?
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It's for reporting App Not Responding occurrences on Android, so not applicable to B2G.
No longer blocks: 833574
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