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switch off l10n updates on nightly, builds are busted


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(Reporter: Pike, Assigned: nthomas)


(Whiteboard: [buildduty])

l10n builds come up with a yellow-screen-of-death today, please switch off the updates until we figured out what's happening.

See bug 834432.
updates have been disabled
Whiteboard: [buildduty]
Specifically, all updates on nightly have been disabled by a chmod 700 on /opt/aus2/incoming/2/Firefox/mozilla-central. From IRC it sounds like we can move localised snippets for 20130124054158 away, and glandium is working on a fix. I'll grab this in case we want to re-enable en-US updates.
Assignee: nobody → nthomas
Priority: -- → P2
Bug 834432 got resolved by a back out of bug 933992. I'm going to remove the l10n snippets that update to 20130124054158 and re-enable updates.
(In reply to Nick Thomas [:nthomas] from comment #3)
> Bug 834432 got resolved by a back out of bug 933992. 

s/933992/833882/. glandium has triggered nightlies after his backout (m-c:169e0492b03b), so I'll just re-enable updates after they are done.
I had to kick along a few mac locales (fr, it, pl, uk) because they hit a slave that was busted, and ignored win32 failures on fa and sl. 

Updates are back on for the nightly channel.
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