[email] keyboard stays up after filling out the account setup screen w/ name, username, password and hitting return



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## Environment :
Gecko  http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-b2g18/rev/49c25ca40020
Gaia   05c1026284406ee83fbfa504a32344c1c3e39b8f  (UXbranch)
BuildID 20130124070201
Version 18.0

## Repro :
1. launch email
2. setup your email accounts w/ the fields
3. instead of hitting the button; hit return

## Expected :
1. the form submits, keyboard goes away

## Actual :
1. the form submits, keyboard stays up

## Note :
1. need to check with the main branch to see if this still occurs... it might be a uxbranch only
2. placeholder for me to return to do more testing.
The field you hit enter in still has focus, no doubt.  Before we added the 'enter' key logic, you would have had to click next, which would cause a blur of the input field.  The fancy input logic or the called functions need to explicitly cause the input box to lose focus.
Additionally, we probably do want to have the Cards abstraction force a blur before triggering any card animations, too.  We definitely never want the focus on a card that's off-screen.  We still want the enter key logic to trigger blurring too though, as we should leave the last input field we are in when we are done.
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