Start tracking the number of crashes we move into hbase



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From IRC: 
14:38 < selenamarie> lonnen: we wanted to add logging of the collectors (each time we move a crash into hbase) -- is there fast/easy way
14:39 < lonnen> selenamarie: in the hbase client?
14:39 < lars> selenamarie: aren't we already logging that?  or do you mean statsd counting of inserts?
14:39 < selenamarie> lars: i mean into graphite.. so maybe statsd? 
14:40 <      lonnen> |  app[metrics] ---> [statsd -> graphite]
14:40 <      lonnen> | statsd sits in front of graphite and aggregates
14:40 <      lonnen> | graphite stores it and makes graphs
14:41 < lonnen> selenamarie: I have concerns about saturating the network with UDP traffic
14:41 < selenamarie> lonnen: oh :(
14:41 < selenamarie> lonnen: maybe a thing that accummulates them for a minute and sends ONE number? :)
14:41 <      lonnen> | but you would probably send the metric from the hbase client, and set a sample rate in the client
14:42 < selenamarie> lonnen: that sounds good.
14:42 <        lars> | yeah, that would be >2.5M UDP shouts
14:42 < selenamarie> heh
14:42 < lars> selenamarie: HBase already has counters for inserts and other stats, we're just not using them because we really didn't 
              know they exist
14:43 <        lars> | I discovered them when doing the multidump changes
14:45 <      lonnen> | StatsClient().incr('hbase.disconnects', rate=1) StatsClient().incr('hbase.writes', rate=0.01)
14:45 <        lars> | hbase also has inserts per day/hour/min/sec
14:46 < lonnen> selenamarie: could also change the flush interval and then not worry about a sampling rate, though modifying the flush 
                interval can add system bias
14:46 <      lonnen> | since its not based on time, but on # of values queued to be sent
14:49 < selenamarie> lonnen: ok! i would be very happy to be recording this. 
14:49 < selenamarie> from the client side and from the hbase side
14:52 < lonnen> selenamarie: if you file it I'll cook it up
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We're not using hbase/hadoop anymore, so I'm closing this out.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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