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remove hasHistoryEntries


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hasHistoryEntries is cached most of the time, though sometimes we have to requery, and that query is synchronous.
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a couple instances in WindowsJumpLists.jsm could be easily converted to be async.
The one on shutdown could be converted using AsyncShutdown...

but actually, if we could completely remove the API, it would be even better.
WindowsJumpLists.jsm is the only _external_ consumer in our code, the instances in queries are there just as micro optimizations (don't even query if we know there's no history), we could just ignore those optimizations since they only help someone that doesn't have any history (very small minority of users).
The check on shutdown is basically a "did we run clear history on shutdown?" question, and we can figure a better way to reply that question that doesn't involve disk access or even knowing if there's history (it could listen to a clear on shutdown topic or directly to history, unfortunately "shutdown-cleanse" has gone).
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Depends on: 1101478
Summary: make hasHistoryEntries asynchronous → make hasHistoryEntries asynchronous and deprecate it
Summary: make hasHistoryEntries asynchronous and deprecate it → remove hasHistoryEntries
Depends on: 1103938
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Priority: P2 → P3
Assignee: nobody → mak77
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Bug 834541 - Remove the public History.hasHistoryEntries synchronous API.
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merging toolkit/components/places/nsNavHistory.cpp
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merging toolkit/components/places/nsNavHistoryResult.cpp
merging toolkit/components/places/tests/unit/test_browserhistory.js
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Remove the public History.hasHistoryEntries synchronous API. r=standard8
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