Not agreeing to an SBI agreement

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When setting up your payment account in zamboni, you have to agree to the Bango terms. But you do that after you've created your account (and corresponding entries in zamboni and solitude). If at that point you cancel you've got an account that can't really be used (although it seems to function fine in -dev). 

There's two options I see:
* leave the account in an incomplete state and let them agree later
* delete the account straight away

I'd vote for the former and having some indication of the account status in the devhub.
(In reply to Andy McKay [:andym] from comment #0)

> I'd vote for the former and having some indication of the account status in
> the devhub.

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If we do the former, we need to:

a. Add code to remember the state of the payment account
b. Recognize that the app can't be selected as a valid payment account
c. Add functionality to agree to the payment account TOS after the payment account has been "submitted"
d. Write tests for all of the above for all places that payment accounts are used

IMHO, the latter would be much simpler from an implementation standpoint.

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6 years ago
Bear in mind SBI's expire and need to be re-approved regularly. So I think those things have to happen anyway.
Presumably, if the SBI expires and we mark the account as incomplete, we'll also need to mark those apps as STATUS_NULL and delist the app. When this happens, the marketplace is suddenly going to contain 0 paid apps as we flush out every app with a bango payment account. In that case, I'd think that we should notify the devs beforehand and ask for the dev to agree to the new TOS within a certain window. After that point, if they haven't agreed to the new TOS, we could delete the account and mark the app as STATUS_NULL, which is the same outcome but less devastating.
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