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Graphserver posts for libxul link max vsize fail on mozilla-central, "No machine_name called 'WINNT_5.2_mozilla-central' can be found"


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Windows Server 2008
Not set


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I can land this.
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Deployed. Re-triggering a PGO build.
I will check which other branches are going to need this.

mysql> select * from machines where name like 'WINNT_5.2_mozilla-central';
| id   | os_id | is_throttling | cpu_speed | name                      | is_active | date_added |
| 6747 |     8 |             0 | NULL      | WINNT_5.2_mozilla-central |         1 | 1359122468 |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)
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Attached patch branches missing from data.sql (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I will work on the sql statement that I will actually need to deploy.
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branches missing from data.sql

this isn't a patch, and you are missing the ending ) on the sql statements.
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add machine name to graph server repository

WINNT_5.2_mozilla-central already existed in data.sql (which I missed on my review).
I reverted it in my checkin.
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Attachment #706347 - Flags: review+
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insert these missing pgo branches

Deployed and added ")" at the end of each statement.
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branches missing from data.sql

Landed with:
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(In reply to Nick Thomas [:nthomas] from comment #14)
> Did anyone figure out why we had to add
> when we already had exactly the same insert at 

I did not notice when I reviewed it.

I only inserted that statement on the staging graphs DB thinking that it was only missing there when it was missing as well on production.

On this whole thing I noticed that there is a bunch of data not in data.sql as well as a bunch of data on the DB that is not data.sql.

Not sure how much we want to open the can of worms knowing that we will be switching to datazilla in the next quarter.
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