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Skip the identityFlow during a second purchase (auto login)


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steps to reproduce:
1. Launch marketplace-dev on your unagi phone
2. Search for Private yacht
3. click on the purchase button
4. Sign in and complete the purchase
5. Search for another paid app
6. Click the purchase button

expected behavior:
Step #6 will open the 'Enter your PIN' in the trusted UI.

observed behavior:
Step #6 opens the identityflow (with the email preselected)
This was a regression from when we added the forceIssuer call. Fixed
Assignee: nobody → kumar.mcmillan
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
oops, I forgot that b2g2pac is the only whitelisted force issuer. I put it back.

After step #6, used to automatically log us in but that no longer works.

jedp, ozten: Any ideas here? we are doing this: 

Also, the same behavior happens on the separate webpay server, which is doing 5this 

both have forceIssuer: ""

I stated noticing this bug today. Did anything change? It might have happened earlier.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Summary: Skip the identityFlow during a second purchase → Skip the identityFlow during a second purchase (auto login)
To clarify: when I remove forceIssuer from then this bug goes away
I don't think anything has changed recently server side.
There haven't been any server-side changes for, no.

I will try to reproduce this, but I need to know what to do when I get to the part of the payment flow that asks me to confirm my mobile number.  I'm using an unagi dev phone with no sim card.

In the mean time, to see what's going on with persona, you can set the pref toolkit.identity.debug to true, and adb lolcat.  (It's a bit redundant - the logs get printed for both Gecko and GeckoConsole for some reason.)
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krupa pointed out that i can cancel the flow at this point and just jump to purchase a different paid app.

I did that and followed the logcat, and I am actually being logged in automatically.  I get prompted for my PIN right away.

So ... yay?  I think this is the desired behavior?
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Target Milestone: --- → 2013-01-31
Well, huh. It is working now on the -dev server so I'll close it. However, it still happens on my localhost. Maybe something in the URL bar is tripping up identity. Either way, if it works on dev I'm not too worried about it.
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Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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