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6 years ago
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6 years ago
This bug is going to serve as a tracker for the mozsql database scripts.
The purpose of the mozsql scripts will be to mimic/expand on the functionality of the already existing mysqladmin utility when it comes to operating/administrating databases in the eyes of a non-DBA.

Yes, it's confusing sometimes and yes, there's a lot to remember, but my goal is to make simple, easy scripts so that you won't have to remember much, just go to /usr/local/mozsql/ and run the scripts instead. Some of these scripts will have 2 output formats, 1 for manual execution (pretty and human readable) and 1 for nagios alerting (short, concise, and OK, WARN, CRIT) if they are something you would potentially alert on.

So, bug's open, let me know if you have any suggestions.

Current items on the list:
- Replication status check
  - OK (Running and Up to Date)
  - WARNING (Running, but delayed, catching up - less than 1000 seconds)
  - WARNING (Running, but delayed, slowing down - less than 1000 seconds)
  - CRITICAL (Running, but delayed, slowing down - greater than 1000 seconds)
  - CRITICAL (Running, but delayed, catching up - greater than 1000 seconds)
  - CRITICAL (Not Running)

- Running queries
 - Sorted by longest running queries
 - Will tell you if the query is blocking other queries or not
 - Will try to incorporate some rough count of how many it's blocking / how long

- Slow queries
 - Will show you currently slow queries.

- Disk Space Usage
 - Will show you MySQL disk space usage by database

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6 years ago
 - Will show you currently slow queries.
Idea: Make it possible to run from own laptop. Meaning mozsql downloads the slow log and processes it on the laptop not to slow down the interested server
Brandon - is the idea to code this on github or similar so we can release the scripts?

Comment 3

6 years ago

Yes, the idea is to build the original toolset locally then as I'm ready to release version 1.0, put it on the Moz Github. :)

Will make tracker bugs for each proposed script.
Depends on: 856603
Depends on: 856607
Depends on: 856608
Depends on: 856609
Whiteboard: kanbanzilla[Ready to work on]
Whiteboard: kanbanzilla[Ready to work on]
Product: → Data & BI Services Team

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4 years ago
All of the mozsql checks were completed except 1 (disk space check) in separate bugs. Closing this out. The disk space check we pushed to low priority as it's unlikely to happen again for a LONG time.
Last Resolved: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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