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5 years ago
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5 years ago
Without promising I'll have time to actually write it :-), I'd like to integrate Mozillians data into Bugzilla, so we can start using the data to answer the "who is that?" question and make the community feel smaller and closer. This would be done in the form of a Bugzilla extension.

The API is currently not well architected for this use (it can't be used client-side) but I think we could do it as follows:

1) User signs in to Bugzilla. The Bugzilla server uses the API to check the vouched status of the account corresponding to their Bugzilla email address, and stores the result (true/false) in their session.

2) If they are vouched, code is added to e.g. show_bug pages to add an
onclick action to email addresses. Currently, email addresses have a menu; it would be one more item in that menu, provisionally titled "Mozillians Info".

3) When that option is picked, info is obtained from Mozillians, proxied via the Bugzilla server in order to keep the API key secret. This is slower, but better than nothing. We'd need to make sure the Origin was "", and not one of the attachment domains.

4) Bugzilla passes the info to the client as a result of the Ajax call, and it's displayed in an in-page pop-up window or something like that, dismissed by clicking outside of itself.


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5 years ago

Gerv, I think this is a great use of the API. While the API isn't architected for this use, your solution looks good to me.

API key has been emailed to Gerv.
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