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[email] ! does not go away after setting the correct email password after changing it on the server.



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BuildID 20130128070201
Version 18.0

1. setup email with an account
2. change the password
3. hit the refresh button
4. open the drawer
5. go to settings -> account
6. change to the correct password
7. go back to main mail view
8. hit refresh
9. open the drawer

Expected: the ! should be gone
Actual: it's still there.
This is a bit confusing; a logcat would be very helpful.

When we detect a bad password, we should be displaying a card that demands that you fix your password.  When you fill in your password via that card or account settings, we should try and trigger the establishment of a new connection, and if that works, that should clear the angry exclamation point.

There's also the complication that when you hit 'refresh', you may not actually be establishing a new connection to the server.  Since gmail supports 'IDLE' (poorly), we should have a connection hanging around in the folder already, so when you hit refresh we'll just reuse that connection.
Er, to elaborate on the confusion... it's weird that you are able to get an exclamation point without having the card come up that demands your password, especially since your technique of hitting the 'refresh' button probably is never establishing new server connections unless gmail is being fancy and dropping our connections when you change your password.  But then you should get the password demand card...!

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8 months ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 8 months ago
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