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Blocklist Searchqu toolbar


(Toolkit :: Blocklist Policy Requests, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: kmag, Assigned: jorgev)



I haven't confirmed this one yet, but the add-on has ~2.7M users and is widely reported as being a drive-by install without any sort of confirmation process:
... more than I can list

It seems like it's been retired in favor of DataMgr and other add-ons mentioned in bug 835672, since the related installers seem to universally install those instead now.

ID: {99079a25-328f-4bd4-be04-00955acaa0a7} ~2.7M users
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
It seems to still be available here: Can you please look into the XPI and what the add-on does?
Urgh. That's not the same thing. It has a different ID, and the toolbar actually says Temporary Logo like in the screenshot. It does bypass about:newaddon and change the homepage/search settings, though (with an opt-in to restoring it on uninstall). ID: {a9bb9fa0-4122-4c75-bd9a-bc27db3f9155}

Hrm. Haven't we already talked to the Conduit people about these things? This is getting ridiculous.
Blocks: Conduit
Seems to be related to {f34c9277-6577-4dff-b2d7-7d58092f272f} (1.4M users) as well.
I just came across another one of these ({377e5d4d-77e5-476a-8716-7e70a9272da0}) with 850K users. According to, it's installed from However, installed an add-on of the same name for me, but with {dd6b651f-dfb9-4142-b0bd-09912ad22674} and <30K users.

In any case, the add-on that I wound up with did not bypass about:newaddon, but did change search and homepage settings before receiving the opt-in.

The new search engines to go, the new homepage is

So, to summarize, IDs so far:


Probably others :(
It looks like {dd6b651f-dfb9-4142-b0bd-09912ad22674} and {a9bb9fa0-4122-4c75-bd9a-bc27db3f9155} no longer have any users. Can you confirm?
Quick update: Michael from Bandoo says the IDs in comment #4 are likely not theirs, and in that case they should be okay to block. He's verifying to make sure.
Product: → Toolkit
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