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Enable/disable ADB when changing the "remote debugging" setting in the Settings App


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ADB should be disabled by default in productions as it represents significant security risk, even if we run adb with lower risks as discussed in 810092.

However currently there is no setting in the UI to enable adb, so if we disable it by default, there is no way to ever turn it back on (afaik).

As discussed on IRC, we could link the existing "remote debugging" option under developer settings to enabled adb, in addition to enabling the Remote Debugger Service. This could be enabled by having this setting change the android system property assocaited with adb.
Priority: P1 → --
Summary: Provide a setting in the Settings App to enable/disable ADB → Enable/disable ADB when changing the "remote debugging" setting in the Settings App
What is the expected settings for the system props?

I think that the settings we want are
ro.debuggable=0|1 depending on "remote debugging setting"

Looking at shell.js, the settings can be manipulated with
libcutils.property_set(opt, value)
and put into the RemoteDebugger handleEvent
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Doesn't work unfortunately... I always get adb access.
So as far as I'm aware, you can't change settings.

2018 >adb shell 
root@android:/ # getprop
root@android:/ # setprop 1
root@android:/ # getprop                                             

To disable adb, you need to remove the ,adb from the persist.sys.usb.config

The correct way would be to read the current setting, remove ,adb and write it out again. To enable, read the setting, add ,adb if it isn't already there and write it back out.

Manipulating the sys.usb.config can be tricky, general, as the string HAS to match one of the strings from init.qcom.rc. Fortunately, for adb, it's always at the end of the string so we can always append ,adb or remove it
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Thanks for the info Dave! that seems to work fine now.
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r=me with dumps removed and no trailing comma on the value stored in persist.sys.usb.config

::: b2g/chrome/content/settings.js
@@ +199,5 @@
> +  // Configure adb.
> +  try {
> +    let current = libcutils.property_get("persist.sys.usb.config");
> +    dump("Current value: " + current);

Everybody else complains when I leave dump statements in...

@@ +200,5 @@
> +  // Configure adb.
> +  try {
> +    let current = libcutils.property_get("persist.sys.usb.config");
> +    dump("Current value: " + current);
> +    let prefix = current.split(",adb");

So when I tried this in firefox scratchpad


it leaves a trailing comma on the string, which I think is bad (it may be disabling adb, but I think you'll find its not enabling mass_storage).

Wouldn't it be better to use:

let prefix = current.replace(/,adb/, "");
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You probably need to deal with the startup condition as well

(i.e. enabled/disable adb based on the setting at startup).

Or maybe the settings stuff generates a startup event? I can't remember.
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Depends on: 836770
Verified fixed in 2013-02-06-11-05-09 pvt nightly b2g18 build
Depends on: 839134
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