Message body not showing up in Inbox (but does in Sent folder)



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5 years ago
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 (1) Send yourself 20 or so emails about bugs you find while dogfooding (
 (2) Note that one of the emails won't load its message body in Inbox, but loads just fine in Sent

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If you delete the account and re-create it, do we get the message body okay then?

Or you can try and move the message to another folder and then move it back *from a different e-mail client* to cause us to perceive it as a different message.  The moves we do are clever-ish so that won't work out since we just push our offline rep around.

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5 years ago
QA - if you're able to reproduce outside of sending email to yourself, please set blocking-b2g:tef? again.

Tracking for now.
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This was with MoCo Zimbra.

I've seen this one more time, but TBH my Email app usage hasn't been particularly heavy lately.  Nothing close to STR.
The use case presented in this bug I don't think warrants a qawanted testing - the original bug talks about emails sent to yourself, which is already confirmed in this bug. If we hit a different issue related to this, I'd expect a new bug to put on file.

Pulling qawanted.
Keywords: qawanted
This bug seems as a DUP to Bug 903696
Bug 903696 can reproduce this outside of sending email to yourself.
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3 years ago
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