convert css3-columns (multi-column) tests to CSSWG format

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6 years ago
This bug is to track patches for exporting and converting the css3-columns (multi-column) tests in
to the CSSWG repository. See 
CSSWG Test Format 
and bug 691950 for background info.

assigned -> me as of now

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6 years ago
Created attachment 712229 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch for multi-columns tests

Notes about the patch and the multi-column tests

1- Files renamed

column-balancing-000.ref.html was renamed column-balancing-000-ref.html
column-balancing-002.ref.html was renamed column-balancing-002-ref.html
column-balancing-004.ref.html was renamed column-balancing-004-ref.html
column-balancing-overflow-000.ref.html was renamed column-balancing-overflow-000-ref.html
column-balancing-overflow-002.ref.html was renamed column-balancing-overflow-002-ref.html
column-balancing-overflow-003.ref.html was renamed column-balancing-overflow-003-ref.html
column-balancing-overflow-004.ref.html was renamed column-balancing-overflow-004-ref.html
column-balancing-overflow-005.ref.html was renamed column-balancing-overflow-005-ref.html
margin-collapsing-bug616722-1.html was renamed multi-column-margin-collapsing-001.html
margin-collapsing-bug616722-1-ref.html was renamed multi-column-margin-collapsing-001-ref.html
margin-collapsing-bug616722-2.html was renamed multi-column-margin-collapsing-002.html
margin-collapsing-bug616722-2-ref.html was renamed multi-column-margin-collapsing-002-ref.html

2- Tests and/or reftests using unneedlessly red

columnrule-basic.html, columnrule-basic-ref.html, columnrule-complex.html, columnrule-complex-ref.html, columnrule-linestyles.html, columnrule-linestyles-notref.html, columnrule-padding.html, columnrule-padding-ref.html

3- Ahem.ttf and ahem.css

I copied the Ahem.ttf into a /support/ folder and then moved the ahem.css into /support/ folder.

4- Deprecated attributes

A dozen (or so) of tests use deprecated or obsolete attributes on elements: these were converted. 
Eg td valign=top, table attributes cellpadding and cellspacing (Scott Johnson)
Eg <table width="1"> (Robert O'Callahan). 
The conversion has no significant impact whatsoever on the tests.

5- column-fill-auto and column-fill-balance tests

I spent hours examining and trying to fully convert column-fill-auto and column-fill-balance tests and couldn't. IMO, it will take quite a bit of time to convert these because of multiple contraints (line-height of Ahem font, viewport width, column boxes width, font-size dividable by 5px, length size of Lorem ipsum text, etc) and various types (size, dimensions, maths) of conflicts to handle. If font-size of Ahem font is increased from 16px to 20px or decreased from 16px to 15px, then the reftests have to be re-created. For testing multi-column elements, I believe the Lorem ipsum text (a majority of words have more than 5 characters) is not best is column box width are relatively narrow (eg 200px or less); I believe in such case that the "Abc def ghi jkl. M nop qrst uv wx yz. Ab cde fgh i jkl. Mno pqr stu vw xyz." kind of text (all words are less than 5 characters) is much better, more reliable for testing.

6- List of files *NOT* to be switched over: none, zero.

Finally, note that this patch represent a first step into converting them; there will be more conversion to do like: setting document root dimensions to 600x600, refining title text, maybe or most likely more filename-renaming of tests to do, setting font-size and line-height for Ahem font spring to mind.


Comment 2

6 years ago
One other note.

7- This test

uses (line 20) image-short.png but it isn't fetched because it isn't in
the directory. Is this test still correct if the image isn't loaded? I originally assumed it was.



4 months ago
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