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RFC 2616 8.2.2 being ignored during 413 Request Entity Too Large


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Point firefox to a server running nginx with a client_max_body_size specified for some amount (we used 10mb). 
2. Upload a file to that server through some means (we used a small php script)
3. If the filesize is greater than the size specified in client_max_body_size the nginx server will send a "413 Request Entity Too Large" error to the client at the beginning of the file transfer.

Actual results:

4. Firefox will happily ignore the 413 error being sent, and continue to deliver the payload, and then display the error after the transfer is complete.

Expected results:

Ideally (per RFC 2616 8.2.2) Firefox should be monitoring for that 413, and halt the transfer, and display the 413 error page. 

This is sort of similar to Bug 746877, however, I'm not getting TCP RST during the scenario.
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this should work in h2 fwiw - it requires handling input before the request body is fully sent.. which h1 doesn't do
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