[Email] deleting 2 or more emails from list mode can lead to a hang



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## Environment :
Gecko (b2g18/v1train) http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-b2g18/rev/4518b78583d0
Gaia (master)  4c9b19becc40e43ee84e6db60f0bc59df58ee5ee
BuildID 20130207070202
Version 18.0
## Repro :
1. launch email
2. set up gmail
3. go to list mode
4. select 2 emails to delete
5. delete the emails
6. refresh

## Expected :
Refresh will occur ok.

## Actual :
thin line; next time you refresh it hangs (ie go to a different folder and come back)

## Note :
1. using v1train gecko and master gaia.
Summary: [Email] → [Email] deleting 2 or more emails from list mode can lead to a hang (in master)
Created attachment 711601 [details]

Also occurs on the nightly version.
Gecko (b2g18/v1train) http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla-b2g18/rev/4518b78583d0
Gaia (v1train)  7e54ca673277b20b1d91d18477dc44d6ad226761
BuildID 20130207070202
Version 18.0
Summary: [Email] deleting 2 or more emails from list mode can lead to a hang (in master) → [Email] deleting 2 or more emails from list mode can lead to a hang
Can you elaborate on what you mean by hang?  I'm sort-of expecting it means that you end up in a folder where we claim we are syncing, you can scroll around and stuff, but taking actions on messages like starring them or deleting them has no effect.

How long did you give it to show stuff in the other folder?  Both logs show that you opened a folder with only a couple messages and so the sync algorithm took 18-20 seconds to scan the entirety of the folder for messages before completing.

Now, for the first logcat, it does seem like there was a sync in the first folder that might not have ever completed, but could just have been it being killed.  The second logcat shows all syncs appearing to complete satisfactorily.
I gave it a good 2 minutes at the very least.

So it just might be that the UI isn't refreshing correctly?
To note, if you mark it as need additional information from :nhirata (the checkbox below the additional comments), you will get a faster response from me.
I've gotten it on other occasions, and waited over 5 minutes (doing other things) and coming back to it ( unlocking the screen and such ) and finding it still trying to progress.  The only way I was able to get the screen to respond was to kill the app and then launch it again.
This sounds like bug 826118 or your bug 839273 (or anything that otherwise wedges sync).  We'll need to clear those out before being able to figure out what's going on here unless a smoking gun logcat shows up.
Depends on: 826118, 839273
Whiteboard: [gelam-key]
Since we were never quite clear on what the problem was and between the bugs this bug depends on and various other sync fixes (auto-connection-killing, etc.), I'm going to resolve this WFM.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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