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DMD: Fix the second percentage in stack frame records.


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In bug 837187 I noticed that the second percentage listed in stack frame
records is totally bogus:

  Once-reported: ~1,843 blocks from ~776 stack trace records in stack frame
  record 1 of 2,564
   ~13,274,465 bytes (~13,048,481 requested / ~225,984 slop)
    26.38% of the heap;  0.31% of once-reported

It should be at least as big as the first percentage.
Simple fix -- passing in kNoSize was simply wrong.
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jlebar: review ping.  This is a pretty short patch.
Sorry, I didn't mean to keep you waiting on this; I just overlooked it in my queue.

I think it's finally time to file a bug on bugzilla to separate out requests I've made from requests that are waiting on me.  Wish me luck!
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DMD: Fix the second percentage in stack frame records.

It's confusing to me that we're essentially asserting an invariant of PrintSortedRecords by using its return value.

Perhaps we should just remove this assertion.  r=me with or without that change.

Sorry again for flaking on this one, Nick.
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(I filed bug 842396 on bugzilla.)
I ended up doing the assertion within PrintSortedRecords.
lgtm; thanks.
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