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nsImageLoadingContent shouldn't depend on load happening after decode


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Currently, nsImageLoadingContent seems to depend on load happening after decode, in that errors that get noticed after the size decode happens are ignored. This is relatively OK, except that in bug 716140, all decode notifications are made asynchronously, and further, all images must go through a size decode, even ones we're decoding fully right away.

As an alternative to this, I propose this patch, which will make nsImageLoadingContent wait for the DECCODE_COMPLETE notification if, when LOAD_COMPLETE fires, one of (a) we are still waiting for a decode; or (b) we have asked for a decode.
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Is this green on try right now? I believe we could get rid of the "delay firing OnStopRequest" stuff from bug 704059 if this works.
hm, though this does seem to break a couple of crashtests:
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Another try that should probably fix some of that orange:
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Depends on: 841661
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Argh, typo + not running tests locally = sad Try run. New one, including a fix for dependent bug 841661 that caused my tests to fail without cause:
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Is there any reason why this couldn't utilize the existing onload blocking notifications? It seems like we could check if the REQUEST_BLOCKS_ONLOAD flag is set, and if it is, set another flag indicating that we deferred the load events. Then, in UnblockOnload, check that flag and fire the events if needed.
Onload is unblocked at the earliest of OnStopRequest or OnDecodingFinished, IIRC, so it won't work, I think?
Since what we're looking for is actually errors that might come after OnStopRequest, we need to check for errors in OnStopRequest too.

This version is very happy on try:
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One change is needed to this patch to make it entirely correct:

-  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(aStatus) &&
+  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(aStatus) && !(reqStatus & imgIRequest::STATUS_ERROR) &&

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test that removing images from the DOM midway through loading doesn't inhibit proper loads

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Glad to see this getting pushed in. This is super great stuff, Joe. I've filed bug 847630 to take advantage of this to simplify the code in VectorImage a bit.
Backed out in - it broke chrome://mochitests/content/chrome/image/test/mochitest/test_removal_ondecode.html and /tests/image/test/mochitest/test_bug512435.html.
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Depends on: 848516
And out the code comes again, despite the green runs on Try, because it causes a frequent intermittent failure in image/test/mochitest/test_bug512435.html | img_{a,b} should be decoded before onload fires.
Thanks to bug 848624, our build scripts didn't know that imgIRequest.idl had changed, so it put the old version of imgIRequest.xpt into the distributed interfaces.xpt, meaning that it was a crapshoot as to whether our build machines were even testing the new interface, depending on how recently the machine had been clobbered.

This also explains why I could never reproduce the bug on my computer or on try.

Anyways, repushed with a UUID change, which should fix that problem and let it stick.
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