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Re-enable devtools tests on Linux


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One of our volunteer just got hit by a test failing in devtools because the try run on linux was not running this test suite.

I've been told by Ed that the test suite was pretty broken and was blocking the private browsing landind so it has been disabled.
I think we should re-enable the devtools tests on Linux because we shouldn't disable an entire test suite on a platform even less when we explicitly require our developers to no longer push to try with '-p all' (and linux64 is often the less busy platform).

I understand that this test suite was breaking some work and fixing it in the time would have been too much trouble but could we try to fix it now? or maybe just disable a few tests that are known to be broken and hard to solve?
This is news to me. Can you elaborate on what exactly is disabled and where?
Mounir, the bug I was thinking of was bug 821701, but that doesn't seem to have been all tests after all, and has since been fixed and re-enabled.

Is it more likely that it's just one individual test that failed?

Like I asked on IRC, a bit more context here would be useful (eg which test/makefile) so we can actually look at hg annotate...
The relevant test was devtools/debugger/test/browser_dbg_propertyview-11.js

The relevant try run was

Note that lack of any devtools/debugger tests in the logs there.
Ah, under browser-chrome there are some.  But not browser_dbg_propertyview-11.js.
Looks like that -11 test was just added between the try run and the actual push to inbound.
Ah, Ms2ger based the try push off of mozilla-central rather than inbound, hence the race.
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Sorry for the misunderstanding guys :)
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