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Can't escape BLOCKQUOTE element in contenteditable


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Steps to reproduce:

Created a <blockquote> element inside a div with contenteditable=true.

Actual results:

When you try to change to new line and escape the <blockquote> by pressing Enter key, it creates a new <p> but inside the <blockquote>. It needs to be outside.

Expected results:

When pressing Enter key at the end of the <blockquote>, it should close the <blockquote> and create a new <p>. If not, you can never escape the <blockquote>. 

Check out the demo: (please ignore the <ul>, that's for Webkit which creates a new <div> instead of <p> upon exiting the <ul>).

The only hack I found, was to create a new <p> under it and go back up and then create the <blockquote>.

So, the desired outcome would be:
1) upon Enter key, close the <blockquote> and create a new <p> or <div> under it.
2) upon Shift+Enter key, create <p> or <div> inside the <blockquote> (current behaviour)
Component: Untriaged → Editor
Keywords: html5
OS: Mac OS X → All
Product: Firefox → Core
I tried with IE9, same result.
Same result if I press "enter" at the end of the <ul>, it adds a new entry to the list.
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