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Mac scripts need an option to pull by date


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Mac System 8.5


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We need a build option on Mac to pull by date. The tinderboxes would use this.
Or, without such an option, it is possible for changes to hit the build up to 15
minutes after the initial tinderbox mail goes out.  This is confusing for
devlopers who are used to pull-by-date behavior on other platforms.
This patch adds support for pulling by date. If 'options pull_by_date 1' is in 
your build prefs file, it will pull using the current local time. Any modules 
that are already pulled by date (as specified in the MozillaCheckoutList.txt 
file) will continue to be pulled on that date.
be good to get this before, but setting for 0.9.3 since it's not a 0.9.2 stopper.
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9.3
Priority: P2 → P3
Pulling back. Looking for r= (peterv), and sr= (scc).
Assignee: jj → sfraser
moving to 1.0
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9.3 → mozilla1.0
Why is that? Looks ready to check in to me. This could stop a lot of mid-checkin
bustage on Mac TinderBoxes.
Just to confirm, will that option also work when pulling from a branch ?
Last I saw (and tested with MacCVS 2.6d5) was that any date argument was ignored 
when using a branch tag AND a date stamp.
It got moved because I don't have time to babysit this into the tree before I go 
on vacation; feel free to take it and check it in if you like. We should test 
that MacCVS Pro does the correct thing tho.
you can't pull-by-date on any branch, on any platform as far
as I understand it.  cvs takes one tag argument, I believe
branch tag wins over date tag as jj describes.
If the branch tag wins, we will have the same behavior on branches that we've
always had. I don't think that's a problem because the point of this patch, I
thought, is to protect against mid-checkin bustage from large, tree-spanning
checkins. How often do those happen on a branch?
Conrad: good point. I think you're right. 
Chris: Can't you use -r branchname -D "2001-06-20 07:30" ?
I'm no expect in Unix CVS, but even if the syntax above doesn't work, MacCVS Pro 
can theoretically be scripted that way:
  check out module "foo.txt" revision "branchname" date "06/20/2001 07:30:00"

I have one more question about the patch. It seems like if we have several 
modules to pull - and we do - each module will be pulled with a different date 
stamp, which could potentially be far apart from one another. If waht we want is 
to avoid mid-checkin bustage, shouldn't we use a _single_ date stamp for all 
pulls ?
> It seems like if we have several 
> modules to pull - and we do - each module will be pulled with a different date 

No; the script gets the date once, then passes that into the routine that
runs through the checkoutlist.txt file, and checks out each module in the file.
So the same date is used for all modules (that don't specify a date in the
checkoutlist.txt file).
Doh. that's why I don't write too much perl :-/

So once this lands on the trunk I suppose all I need is to add "options   
pull_by_date   1" on the various Mac Tinderboxen local prefs, right?

actually, I can already do so so that this will become effective immediately 
after your checkin.
Checked in.
Closed: 23 years ago
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over to jj for verification.
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