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Use "website" rather than "web site" in en-US help content


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #842320 +++

Following the observation in bug 835134 comment #36 (and a similar case in bug 416234 comment #9) that en-US is supposed to use "website" (rather than "web site"), I had another look at the preference panes to find any remaining instances. I only found a single one in the labels, blockAutoRefresh.label, but several occurrences in the help content.

Thus, I'll use this [bug 842320] for correcting the label and will follow up on the help content with Stefan with a separate patch.
So, in essence this is the continuation of bug 423282 catching any remaining or new items in suite/locales/en-US/chrome/common/help. I'm using the same approach as for bug 652328 part I to find those, which seems to affect a handful of XHTML files.

In addition, even for those instances where "web site" was already changed to "website" previously, identifiers and links may still show "web_site" in that part and are thus inconsistent with the actual title they represent. Those should be easy to correct.

I'll post two patches (one with just the text changes, the other one also including link changes) for you to pick from, in case you think that adjusting the links too might be an overkill.
Attached patch Patch retaining any links (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This is the patch only changing the text but leaving any anchors untouched. After bug 842820 resolving two instances, there are five "web site" instances left in three files.

Note that I couldn't find any actual label "Edit website certificate trust settings" as referred to in certs_help.xhtml, but that's outside the scope of this specific bug.
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This is the longer patch, also globally changing all "web_site" to "website" in all links found in the *.xhtml and *.rdf files within help. I've verified that there are no references from any *.xul files to either of these instances.

Please r+ one of them (maximum), whichever version you like better.
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(In reply to rsx11m from comment #2)
> Note that I couldn't find any actual label "Edit website certificate trust
> settings" as referred to in certs_help.xhtml, [...]

Never mind, that's hiding as certmgr.editsslcert.title entity in
and already has the correct "website" in its label.
I'll try to take a look at this on Sunday.
Thanks, it's hopefully just a simple up-or-down vote.
Comment on attachment 715241 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch also adjusting the links

Let's go for the longer version ;-)
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Attachment #715238 - Flags: review?(stefanh)
Thanks, push of attachment 715241 [details] [diff] [review] for trunk please.
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