MWC: Eideticker results for Fennec Nightly & Chrome on Nexus 4



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We're looking to get some comparative stats in time for Mobile World Congress if at all possible (which means "within the next few days").

Hardware: Nexus 4

* Start up time
* Page load
* Panning/scrolling performance

* Firefox Nightly
* Chrome
* Chrome Beta (if at all possible)

Bonus points:
* Same tests on Safari on iPhone 5
I have a nexus 4 and a iPhone 5. Nexus 4 is on ctalbert's desk here in MTV.

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6 years ago
We have no way to drive an iphone at all. And we're not going to have one by the end of the week. That is a LOT of work. (Probably about one month just in and of itself).

It also looks like the only way to get HDMI out of the nexus 4 is using the new slimport technology:  which means that it won't work with the older technology we use to get HDMI out of a galaxy nexus.

I don't think I can order one and have results by the end of the week (because once we get HDMI from the phone, we have to tweak the eideticker system itself for the new phone).  If I can pick one up at Fry's, then maybe we are in business, but otherwise, this is a pretty big long shot.  We'd need at least a week of notice for these kinds of things, ideally.

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6 years ago
So I called Fry's and they told me they had one of these slimport adapters at the store. I went and tried to get it, and when I got there they didn't have the correct adapter.  So I can't hook the nexus 4 up to eideticker. From playing with the device, we launch our home screen slightly faster than chrome does (maybe 50-100 ms difference, nearly identical).  Our checkerboarding on tasks.js is non-existent whereas chrome checkerboards quite drastically.  I used the latest nightly for this and chrome 18.0.1025465 which is the version that ships with this phone (it was already installed).

Are these numbers going to be useful going forward? Or are they just useful for MWC?  I can order the adapter, but it won't be here in time for us to get these numbers for MWC but once we have the adapter we can get these numbers on an ongoing basis for this phone.  What would you like us to do?

Sorry we can't be more helpful.

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6 years ago
Dria, maybe you can work with Product and find out if they need these numbers in an ongoing basis. (Comment 3)
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6 years ago
oh and FYI I did verify that the galaxy nexus adapter for HDMI out we use does NOT work with the nexus 4. :-(

I've gone ahead and ordered the adapter.  Amazon claims it will arrive Friday, but I'm still not promising we can get this done in time for MWC but we'll try to get you something.
Hey Clint, we do actually need to start gathering these sorts of comparative numbers on an ongoing basis.  This would be an initial start to that process.  

I understand that you likely won't be able to get us numbers in time for MWC, and that's not really unexpected -- it was a last second request, and I really appreciate you diving in to this as quickly as you have.

We do still want these initial results whenever you can get them, and we'll put together a more extensive plan for these sorts of results on an ongoing basis.
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6 years ago
Ok, thanks Deb.  Well, the conclusion of this story is something of a sad tale. The slimport adapter came this afternoon. And I hooked up the nexus 4 with the slimport on Eideticker-2 and I don't get any HDMI out. If I connect the nexus 4 to a monitor I get HDMI out, and it looks like 720p (same as galaxy nexus and that's also what the settings say in the spec) I tried all the settings I could in media express, but it doesn't want to capture the HDMI output from this phone. 

Will, I left it hooked up in case you want to take a look at it -- maybe you'll see something I don't.

Host: Eideticker 2, nexus 4 is at:
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