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update JS_GetImplentationVersion()


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This function returns a hardcoded string that has not changed in years, it is probably not that useful and once the new standalone spidermonkey versioning lands, then its likely to just cause confuse.

The only thing that uses this is the js shell, I can't find any projects (on linux atleast) that use this, some suggested on IRC that we should just remove it. Perhaps with an arbitrary version bump for esr17 release.

If this seems like the right way to go, I will prepare some patches.
Blocks: sm-embedding
No longer blocks: sm-embedding
As I said on IRC:

<Waldo> I like removing that, but is it really necessary to do that now? or to try to push it into an already-late esr17 release? do it on trunk, totally separate from all the packaging stuff and timelines, and let it make its way into a release in due time
<Waldo> I'm not going to argue strongly against doing it, because I don't care that much, but this seems unnecessary now

So in my view, fine to make the change on trunk at any time, no good reason it must be done immediately, or before an esr17-based release.  Indeed we shouldn't spend any time on it *until* that release happens, I think.
Summary: remove JS_GetImplentationVersion() → update JS_GetImplentationVersion() for esr17
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use MOZILLA_VERSION for JS_GetImplementationVersion

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Summary: update JS_GetImplentationVersion() for esr17 → update JS_GetImplentationVersion()
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use MOZILLA_VERSION for JS_GetImplementationVersion

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Fine enough.  But note this bug was filed to remove it entirely, see comment 0.  :-)  r=me on this or that, but it sounds like this function just isn't that useful, so we might as well just remove it entirely from JSAPI.
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Changed returned string rather than modifying public API. The call does seem useless and can probably be removed, but I'm hesitant to touch the interface, even for useless functions.
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