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text-overflow: ellipsis does not work on placeholders


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Not set





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Placeholder-generated content on INPUT elements should allow for "text-overflow: ellipsis" via "input[placeholder]" or "::-moz-placeholder"

This works within WebKit (I promise I'm not trolling by saying that) and I think it would be a nice touch for Firefox as well.
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Mounir, do we actually get overflow out of the placeholder?  If so, I'd expect this to Just Work....
Component: DOM: CSS Object Model → Layout: Form Controls
The overflow areas looks correct to me (essential parts from a frame dump):

HTMLScroll(div) {300,180,10620,900} [state=0000000000004000] pst=:-moz-placeholder<
  Block(div) {0,0,10620,900} [scr-overflow=0,0,17700,900] pst=:-moz-scrolled-content<
    line 0x7fffd4ed9ab0:  {60,0,17640,900} <

so this *should* work.
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OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Here's an example of it working in WebKit but not Firefox:

If you check out the source, I'm trying any number of ways to make this work.
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There were two problems,
1. one has to explicitly declare that a property applies to placeholders
2. IsHorizontalOverflowVisible must stop a the nearest scroll frame, even if
   it's a pseudo (see frame tree in comment 2)

FWIW, I tested the new vs. old IsHorizontalOverflowVisible asserting that
there were no difference for layout/reftests/text-overflow/reftest.list
(before adding the new tests)
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Note that Mounir proposed a spec for which properties should apply to placeholders; that may need updating.
(In reply to David Walsh :davidwalsh from comment #3)

Yes, that works with the patch.

> I'm trying any number of ways to make this work.

I don't think there are any workarounds, sorry.
Sure Matt, I simply felt bad for not providing an example and wanted to show I did everything I could to prove that I was doing wrong.  Thank you all!
Attached patch fix+test, v2Splinter Review
Tweaked the new reftest a little, hopefully it'll pass this time:
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