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Before powering off tinderbox server, we need an alias in DNS to point people to the supported replacement. 

Filing this bug in RelEng to track. Once we are ready to power off tinderbox server, we should move this bug to ServerOps.

Note: Without a "tinderbox" server, and no remaining tinderbox clients, it doesnt make much sense to continue using the name tbpl (TinderBoxPushLog), so I'd like to also alias that at the same time. bug#625271 created aliases "tree.m.o" and "thetree.m.o", which I think are easier for newcomers to remember and understand in the context of "checking the state of the tree"... and "is the tree green"..."is the tree burning". Long-timers who have tinderbox.m.o and tbpl.m.o burned into their brain will be aliased to victory and be happy.
I agree the name "TinderboxPushlog" is no longer applicable, however we're replacing TBPL this year with (something up until now codenamed) Tree Herder.

We're going to need to run TBPL and Tree Herder in parallel as we work on the new project, and at some point (end of year?) will try to transition devs across to the new system.

It would be great if we could give Tree Herder it's final domain name from the outset (yet to be decided, tree(s).m.o or similar) - and as such I think we shouldn't start pointing people to these new aliases for the old TBPL - otherwise we're just going to have more churn at a later date.

My proposal:
1) Alias tinderbox.m.o -> tbpl.m.o
2) Remove (or otherwise don't advertise) the tree.m.o -> tbpl.m.o alias that has already been set up.
3) Set up Tree Herder on tree(s).m.o and run in parallel with TBPL whilst we work on reaching feature parity with TBPL.
4) Transition everyone from TBPL to Tree Herder (end of year+).
5) When TBPL is decommissioned, alias tbpl -> tree(s).m.o for posterity.

Does that makes sense?
OS: Mac OS X → All
Hardware: x86 → All
Revising summary based on comment 1.
Summary: setup aliases for tinderbox.m.o and tbpl.m.o --> tree.m.o → Setup aliases for tinderbox.m.o --> tbpl.m.o
Product: → Release Engineering
Let's leave treeherder/tbpl out of it for now, since treeherder is not *quite* in production.

Can we redirect all tinderbox requests to TBPL ASAP please?
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Product: Release Engineering → Infrastructure & Operations
QA Contact: jdow
(In reply to Laura Thomson :laura from comment #3)
> Let's leave treeherder/tbpl out of it for now, since treeherder is not
> *quite* in production.
> Can we redirect all tinderbox requests to TBPL ASAP please?

please wait for bug 983275 to be resolved before updating dns.
Depends on: 983275
After thinking about this more & speaking with glob, I don't think we should fix this.

tinderbox.m.o has been restricted to members of the bzr_bugzilla ldap group since 2013-06-05 (bug 862665). 

Aliasing tinderbox.m.o to tbpl.m.o doesn't help:
* the people in the bzr_bugzilla ldap group - since TBPL doesn't display anything related to Bugzilla CI.
* everyone else, since they've been unable to access the site since June last year anyway - and are either in the Firefox camp (where tinderbox has not been used for anything related to Firefox since ~2010 iirc) or else the NSS/Seamonkey camp for example - where tbpl.m.o is unrelated to them.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
No longer blocks: 843383
No longer depends on: 983275
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