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This is version 1 of the "operator shelf" we talked about.  We're looking for a category that is shown on the home page and only holds special operator apps.  My first guess at this is adding a flag to our existing categories table to delegate which categories are operator categories but do whatever is best.  Anything that you add here needs to work for 10+ operators.  This bug is for:

1) Create a new category called Telefonica with a default icon.  Names will be localized as expected.  Potentially, icons will need to be localized as well although that hasn't been asked for yet.

2) Make sure that category always appears on the /telefonica/ home page and never appears anywhere else (either another operator or the main home page)

3) Make the the category does not show up to developers when editing their apps, but *does* show up to people in the Operator:Telefonica group (with permissions something like Operators:Telefonica:Edit).  This needs to scale to multiple operators so this group stuff might need some rethinking.  Using the current UI in the dev tools is fine for the category checkboxes.

4) Create an Operator:Telefonica group with the right permissions in it.  

5) Being in these operator categories shouldn't count against your total number of two.

Let me know if any of this isn't clear.

There is a spec of this here, although it also includes v2 so it's a bit long:

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6 years ago
For my own sanity (someone correct me if I'm being dumb):

- Add a carrier and region column to categories
- Exclude categories from output when the category's region is non-NULL and doesn't match the user's region
- Exclude categories from output when the category's carrier is non-NULL and doesn't match the user's carrier
- Exclude categories from the devhub Edit Listing page when a category's carrier is non-NULL
- Admins should not be subject to the category exclusions in the devhub
- Senior reviewers should not be subject to the category exclusions in the devhub except when they own the app (along the lines of what we do for ratings)

- Create a new table: "CategorySupervisors" with foreign keys to categories and users (for storing which users are allowed to add apps to a category)
- Categories on the Edit Listing page should include their existing results (as defined above) unioned with the categories which the user is a supervisor for.

Can I get an "Amen"?

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6 years ago
I don't think you need a region column.  We already filter apps by region when a person browses a category - these categories should work the same way.  Or am I missing something?  We can talk on vidyo if it helps.


6 years ago
Target Milestone: 2013-02-28 → 2013-03-28

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6 years ago

Added operator categories for Telefonica Brazil and BastaCorp on -dev.

Just create categories with a carrier and region set, then define CategorySupervisors to be able to add apps to them.


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