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Making this confidential because it seems like a good thing to do at the moment.

I just subscribed to the air mozilla feed using rss2email and noticed that it shows MoCo-specific events including descriptions.

I would think that the existence and content of those is confidential, but having it in the feed makes it public knowledge.
It's actually deliberate. 

In fact, we have new URLs available `/feed/(company|public|contributors)?/?`
So if you use `/feed/public/` you ONLY get public events. And if you use `/feed/company/` you ONLY get company private events. 

The default is everything. 

What we have as a rule to mitigate this is that we don't allow any sensitive information in the title or the short description. The longer description can contain sensitive stuff because you can only read that if you're logged in and view in on the web. 

This means that it becomes hard for us to have a title that is "compelling" without spoiling anything. E.g. "Famous person visiting Mozilla" instead of "Queen Elizabeth visiting Mozilla"

I'll let Richard add some words of wisdom and decide what to resolve the bug as. Or, instead of calling it a bug we should call it a "discussion" and we appreciate views from outside the air mozilla team. 

For the moment I'm opening up this bug as non-confidential.
Group: mozilla-corporation-confidential
Knowing there's business rules in play satisfies my concerns. So I'm fine with marking this as RESOLVED/LEAVEUSALONE.

Semi-relatedly, I didn't know about the other feed urls. Are they advertised somewhere?
Thank you Will for bringing it up!

Yes, the business rules we have the answer but these rules are human and not automated. 

After all, no event is currently going live unless it's been manually looked over. And we also have PR approval for public events.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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