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CSS min-width and min-height without units don't work anymore


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Steps to reproduce:

I wanted to use the CSS-properties min-width and min-height, as you can see in the attached code.

Actual results:

The CSS-properties min-width and min-height have no effect anymore.

Because the min-width isn't checked anymore by Firefox, it's possible to overlay the 'content' (which is a div using the min-weight) with the 'right_layer' (which is just another div) by narrowing the browser window.

And because the min-height isn't checked anymore by Firefox, a normal div using min-height is shown very improperly (in my code example the div 'content' is only drawn as a bold line instead as a huge layer).

This issues first occured in version 17.0.1 and aren't solved until today.

Works with Firefox 14.0.1, 16.0.1
Problem since 17.0.1
Issue not solved in 19.0

Expected results:

The CSS properties min-width and min-height should have worked.
Comment on attachment 717659 [details]
A small code showing the CSS error of min-width and min-max

><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
><title>Untitled Document</title>
><div name="edge" style="border:0;position:fixed;min-width:600;width:100%">
><div id="content" style="background:#FF0000;margin:0;border:0;padding:10;position:absolute;top:80;left:140;right:204;width:auto;min-height:400;overflow:hidden">
>  <div id="right_layer" style="background:#00FF00;margin:0;border:0;padding:10;text-indent:10;position:absolute;right:0;top:80;width:214;height:300;overflow:visible">
>  </div>
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Same issue as before. You need units.
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Same answer as before: "You" is "a Firefox user since 17.0.1", nobody else, no other Browser.

Look into my commentary on:
Resolution: INVALID → ---
Have you noticed this problem on sites that you use but are not the developer of?
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Summary: CSS min-width and min-height don't work anymore → CSS min-width and min-height without units don't work anymore
I haven't seen any feedback from users of sites about those sites being broken, and we've been shipping this on the release channel for quite a few months now.

This is also something we've never supported in standards mode; it's quirks mode only.
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I've no problem with that.

But: When Firefox is running in quirks mode, why not inform the developers about this issue in the log.console or the error log?

I don't know how good you know compileable languages, but a good compiler always tells the programmer if there is an error in the code. And because browser often don't do this, it's really a huge mess to work with browsers!

Somehow the browser developer think that all programmer (must) read all specifications about any browser. But this is a very wrong concept, any programming (in C, C# or Java), couldn't be done with this concept! Without validation, I just see that something doesn't work, but I don't know why, while the browser knows why, but doesn't tell me. That's a very strange concept and not programmer friendly at all.

And I'm certainly not going to read all those rules in, that's the Job of the browser to integrate those rules and notify the programmer if something isn't okey.

So, I please you to inform me in the future when Firefox runs in quirks mode. That would be just a few lines of code in the Firefox core, but a huge improvement for all developers.

Thanks in advance.
But we do that in the Error Console already...

Timestamp: 25/02/2013 07:23:19
Warning: Error in parsing value for 'min-width'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 0

Timestamp: 25/02/2013 07:23:19
Warning: Error in parsing value for 'min-height'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 0

Timestamp: 25/02/2013 07:23:19
Warning: Error in parsing value for 'text-indent'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 0
But you want something that says "You're in quirks mode" in the log.
For that right click, choose Page Info and the Render Mode is labelled as Quirks mode.
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