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We have a number of variables in related to defining components/libraries:

* GRE_MODULE (unused outside AFAICT)

We should first decide if we want to keep things as separate variables or go the function route. We could even do something like:

# Define a new component/library.
lib = library('dom_file', static=True, libxul=True)

# Attach stuff to it!
lib.cpp_sources += ['AsyncHelper.cpp', 'File.cpp']
lib.idls += ['foo.idl', 'bar.idl']
lib.defines += ['FOO', 'BAR']

If we went this light OO route, that would certainly open up the door for easier consolidation of build system definitions into fewer files.

We /may/ want to figure this out before we attempt bug 818246 because IDLs require MODULE or XPIDL_MODULE. I suppose we could always port IDLs straight then figure out the larger picture later...
No longer blocks: 818246
We'll tackle the larger problem of module/library/component definitions later. For now, let's just move MODULE to files.
Summary: Define libraries/components in → Move MODULE to
Blocks: 850380
joey or mshal: Would either of you care to tackle this?
Over to mshal.
Assignee: nobody → mshal
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Generated mostly automatically from mozbuild-migrate, except for a few conditional cases and the change.
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Is there a reason you decided to migrate it instead of just removing it per the other bug?
(In reply to Ted Mielczarek [:ted.mielczarek] from comment #6)
> Is there a reason you decided to migrate it instead of just removing it per
> the other bug?

That seemed to be the consensus on IRC, I believe because of concerns that MODULE might be used differently in c-c (and so removing it might break things there), and we weren't entirely sure on the / NetBSD usage. I can attempt a patch there if we just want to go straight for the removal.
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Part 2: Move MODULE to

Review of attachment 726819 [details] [diff] [review]:


This will break comm-central. Want to submit a patch for them real quick?

::: dom/bluetooth/
@@ +13,5 @@
>  # See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
>  # limitations under the License.
>  if CONFIG['MOZ_B2G_BT']:
> +    MODULE = 'dom'

Since MODULE doesn't do anything, this probably doesn't need to be inside the conditional. But meh.

::: toolkit/components/filepicker/
@@ +4,5 @@
>  # file, You can obtain one at
>  if CONFIG['MOZ_XUL'] and \
>      CONFIG['MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT'] not in ('android', 'qt', 'os2', 'cocoa', 'windows'):
> +        MODULE = 'filepicker'

Ditto. meh.

::: tools/profiler/
@@ +3,5 @@
>  # License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
>  # file, You can obtain one at
> +    MODULE = 'profiler'

And ditto meh.
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Let's try to get the comm-central patches up before the comm-central people descend on us.
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla22
I was thinking about self-reviewing this. But, I'm kinda hoping khuey can give a quick rubber stamp.
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Technically this didn't require a full clobber: it required a config.status run. However, since CLOBBER is the only mechanism available to us, we're left with using a chainsaw to conduct surgery.
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Part 3: Remove now empty, v1

Review of attachment 726976 [details] [diff] [review]:

I'm just rubberstamping this ...
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Part 4: Move MODULE to (c-c)

Review of attachment 727036 [details] [diff] [review]:


I effectively scanned this. Most of it looks to be done automatically. Fine by me!
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Depends on: 853242
Depends on: 853245
Depends on: 853253
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Part 2: Move MODULE to; rs=gps
Part 3: Remove now empty files; rs=khuey
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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