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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open any page that has pure HTML link (<a> elements with an href, not javascript actions)
2. Cmd+click on any link to bring the contextual menu

Actual results:

Firefox opened a contextual menu without the link-related options (Open in new tab/window, save link as..., etc). Instead it opened the contextual menu you get when cmd+click (or right click) on non link content (background, text) 

Expected results:

Firefox should have opened the contextual menu that contains said options.
Is this still an issue if you go through the troubleshooting steps at
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Hello Victor! 
I tested this using this example: ("Try it Yourself - Examples" and hit "HTML links")
I don`t have an Apple keyboard I Used a keyboard with MS Windows logo (Windows key should take the role of cmd key).
I windows key + left click and it opens the link in a new tab, however Ctrl + left click opens the context menu.
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I get the same behavior on Chrome and Safari, with a MS Windows logo keyboard as well. So I don`t know what should be the expected result here.

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6 years ago
Sorry I didn't come back to this earlier. In my case I open the context menu with a "double tap" on a trackpad, but it's basically the same thing as ctrl+left click. The problem disappeared after restarting Firefox and I tried unsuccessfully to replicate it by restoring the session. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

Thank you!
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Thank you for the follow up. Going to close this out as works for me.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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