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Images appear as bullets in Print Preview the 1st time it is opened (after refresh)


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When the attached page is loaded and "Print Preview" is opened from the File menu, some of the images appear as bullets (round dots). At first, I thought FF's implementation of the list-style-image CSS attribute might not be working, but then I discovered that if you simply close Print Preview and open it again (without doing anything else), all the images appear correctly.

This behavior is consistent: the first time Print Preview is opened after a page refresh, the images always appear incorrectly. Closing PP and immediately opening it again always causes the images to appear.

I have included the needed CSS and images in the attached .zip file.
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I can reproduce the problem in FF19, 20, 21.  It works fine in Nightly 22.0a1
(2013-02-25) though.  (all on Linux)
Component: General → Print Preview
Product: Firefox → Core
I take it that FF22 isn't a stable release (yet)?
(Correct -- Nightly 22 is a build from, built from development trunk. The code on Nightly now will make it to release in ~18 weeks)
It would be good if we can figure out the exact bug that fixed this to make sure
it's not just a timing issue or a coincidence that makes it work on trunk.
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Reproduced on Firefox 19.0 but it was fixed since then probably in another bug. Works for me in Firefox 21 RC (buildID: 20130512144307), latest Nightly (buildID: 20130603031140), latest Aurora (buildID: 20130603004018).
Closed: 9 years ago
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Testing the -aurora builds (FF21) here:
I get this range where the problem disappeared:
so I'm guessing bug 816498 fixed this.
Depends on: 816498
Flags: in-testsuite?
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla21
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