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I want my spam icons to be green again


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Hum sorry for the **** summary, bug 781333 changed the default theme on HiDPI machines making thunderbird colorless - and changing the UI in a way that let me believe I was hitting a bug.

Screenshot attached of how it looks now on my machine - I'll probably get used to it - but the previous theme was perfect for me.
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The monochrome icons are by purpose.

In bug 781333 comment 43 andreasn wrote:

(In reply to Richard Marti [:Paenglab] from comment #40)
> Created attachment 679332 [details]
> old headers
> (In reply to Andreas Nilsson (:andreasn) from comment #39)
> > Created attachment 678784 [details]
> > column headers graphics
> The normal size headers aren't that black and attachment, junk and thread
> are looking different. When a user moves TB from a HiDPI monitor to a normal
> DPI monitor he will see the difference.
> Andreas, please can you update the column headers graphics?

Yeah, I want to make them like this to get closer to the other themes. I'll update and attach the regularly sized graphics as well.
Since at least one person likes the old graphics, what do you think about making an add-on that replaces them (and adds HiDPI versions, too)?

(I'ld be happy to help make the add-on, if necessary.)
A Add-on is no problem. The problem would be to find the old icons as HiDPI versions.
Really, I think those icons ought to be in color. Colorless icons are fine when their position is static, and they aren't changing state, but when their position is variable or they represent state, color is a great way of highlighting that.

Specifically, I'm ok with the toolbar buttons being monochrome because those stay in the same place, and don't (generally) update based on state. Thus, we don't need to draw the user's eye to those icons. However, for the junk/star/etc icons, we *are* representing state, and that should be eye-catching to make it easier for people to skim things.
This is my first shot Add-on with only colored thread pane icons.
I've used also the old attachment icons.

Important: this version has only the LoDPI icons. If it's okay like this, I can search for HiRES icons.

Usul, is this what you thought it should be?
(In reply to Richard Marti [:Paenglab] from comment #5)
> Created attachment 718916 [details]
> Usul, is this what you thought it should be?

Yes I feel way less lost when looking at my inboxes with the color back. I'll get use to the other theme change I think.
Version 0.2 with HiDPI icons
Attachment #718916 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Ludo, with bug 929279 landed is now again enough color for the spam icon? And is it okay to close this bug? We don't go back to the green icon to be consistent over the platforms.
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